In the early 1900s, Peter Alexander Cormack and his wife made the journey from Wick, Scotland and settled in the small town of Herschel, whose population today is counted at 30 residents.

Founded in 2009 by brothers Jamie and Lyndon Cormack, Herschel Supply Co. adopted the name of the small town where three generations of their family were raised. Herschel Supply Co. is based in Vancouver, Canada and manufactures the finest quality backpacks, bags, travel goods and accessories. Our goal is to create timeless product with a fine regard for detail.



For Fall 2013, Herschel Supply brings you new innovative textures, inspirational color ways and an updated take on classic silhouettes. Inspired by cold nights at the cabin and the unpredictable weather that the season often brings, the new Fall 13 Collection is created with a fine regard for the great outdoors, ultimately offering the perfect product for everyone.

Our collection of bags, backpacks, wallets, totes, and travel accessories has once again grown. New for this season is the Rubber Pack and Real Tree Collections along with a new series of iPad sleeves and laptop carryalls, and an expanded travel range. As we move forward into Fall 2013, Herschel Supply continues to redefine timeless pieces while maintaining a fine regard for detail.

July 2013

Comprised of our two most popular silhouettes, The Kids Collection features kids only mash-up prints, seasonal color-blocking and kid safe plastic zippers. Available in both Kids and Youth sizes.

August 2013

Our Fall 2013 Studio Collection seeks to honor our past, present and future. These bags are built with the finest and most durable materials to stand the test of time, to ensure you can pass them down for generations.

July 2013

The Bad Hills Workshop was born out of our passion for experimenting and creating. As a platform with no rules or guidelines, this is where innovative ideas are brought to life.

For Fall 2013, The Bad Hills Workshop Collection continues to experiment with the boundaries of bag fabrication. Using a series of mixed materials and mixed construction the end result is a balance between texture and composition.

The Bad Hills Workshop Collection is only available at select retailers

Mid Volume

A smaller fitting version of our classic silhouettes, the mid volume collection includes the Little America, Heritage, Settlement, Post, Sydney, City and Sutton. Ideal for youth and women, this collection is sure to fit perfectly.

  • Little America Mid Volume
  • Heritage Mid Volume
  • Post
  • Sydney Mid Volume
  • City Mid Volume
  • Sutton Mid Volume
Plus Series

Designed for the electronic minded, the Plus Series includes a padded fleece lined laptop sleeve and tablet sleeve, fleece lined sun glass pocket, mesh accessories pockets as well as additional external side zippered pockets. The Plus System is available in the Heritage Plus, Settlement Plus, and Oak Messenger.

  • Heritage Plus
  • Settlement Plus
  • Oak Messenger
Laptop Pocket

Standard on most Herschel Supply backpacks, our pocket sleeve is created for the storage of electronics, laptops and also acts as an area to hold items that need to be kept separate from the contents of your bag.

On the Little America, Pop Quiz, Mill, Totem and Pop Quiz Carryall, the laptop pocket is fully fleece lined and padded to protect your laptop from drop damage and scratching from the contents of your bag.

  • Little America
  • Pop Quiz
  • Mill Messenger
  • Totem Messenger
  • Pop Quiz Carryall
Shoe Compartment

Ideal for storing your favorite pair of shoes while avoiding contact with your packed items, our signature shoe compartment is perfect for keeping travellers organized. Designed to store up to a men’s size 13, this feature is available in the Novel duffle, Walton Duffle, Outfitter duffle and Outfitter wheelie duffle bag.

  • Novel Duffle
  • Walton Duffle
  • Outfitter
  • Outfitter Wheelie
Signature Liner

Inspired by the engineering stripes found on workwear overalls, our signature liner tells the story of heritage and quality. Available in red, blue and black across a variety of Herschel Supply products, this key feature is the new standard for a finished product.

Air Mesh

Our custom padded air mesh system is built to increase airflow and comfort while carrying Herschel Supply backpacks for longer periods of time. This unique air mesh system is available on most shoulder straps and on the Little America and Sierra backpacks as a back padding.


The details of a Herschel Supply product are inspired by the utilitarian features once found inside hiking backpacks and travel bags from earlier years. All of our products have standard details including liners, key clips and pocket sleeves to ensure our products remain useful for todays users.

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