Varanasi, India

April 4, 2014


Rishad Daroo is a street photographer born in Hong Kong and raised in Vancouver, Canada. Now working for the Canadian Tourism Commission, Rishad shares his love of travel and imagery across all aspects of his career. Take a look at Rishad’s words and imagery from India below and stay tuned for another series with Rishad from Vietnam soon:

Although I’ve travelled to India several times before, I’ve never had the opportunity to visit the Ganges River and the sacred land of Varanasi. This city is one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world and the oldest in India. I came here to capture a few portraits and create a short film with filmmaker Rohaan Daroo….who also required a visit to the hospital after a stray dog got the best of him (see below). The people of Varanasi and the local ‘Sadhus’ are the true soul of this city. Below are some images captured from my journey through Mumbai City and Varanasi.

HSC_S14_well_travelled_india_1The vibrant colors of Mumbai.


HSC_S14_well_travelled_india_6Abandoned vessels

HSC_S14_well_travelled_india_4Daily boat trips through the Ganges.

HSC_S14_well_travelled_india_7Waiting for their next trip

HSC_S14_well_travelled_india_13A Sadhu seated along the Kera Ghat

HSC_S14_well_travelled_india_9A stroll through the market. This man asked me to take his photograph which I gladly obliged.

HSC_S14_well_travelled_india_11Daily practice along the River Ganga

HSC_S14_well_travelled_india_12In search of light


HSC_S14_well_travelled_india_8A trip to a local hospital. Rohaan Daroo needs a rabies shot after being attacked and bitten by a stray dog. Not good….

HSC_S14_well_travelled_india_10Prep work

HSC_S14_well_travelled_india_24Rohaan Daroo gets his meds. Stray dogs are nothing to mess with in India.

HSC_S14_well_travelled_india_17The log book


HSC_S14_well_travelled_india_22When providing the medication instructions there was a little bit of a language barrier. This took a while….

HSC_S14_well_travelled_india_29A fresh shave: 8 Rupees

HSC_S14_well_travelled_india_21Speaking with a local Sadhu. His eyes told most of the story.

HSC_S14_well_travelled_india_28I really loved the raw vibrant colors of India.

HSC_S14_well_travelled_india_20The only way to get around Varanasi is with one of these

HSC_S14_well_travelled_india_27Taking a minute to review my shots. Photo by: Rohaan Daroo

HSC_S14_well_travelled_india_19Delhi time zone. Time to go.

HSC_S14_well_travelled_india_26Devoted Hindus bathing in the Ganga River. This practice is believed to purify their sins and cure illness.

HSC_S14_well_travelled_india_18Shooting with photographer Jenny Friesen.

HSC_S14_well_travelled_india_25In search of light in an abandoned cement yard.

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